For weddings, the tunes that I most often play for the bride's march are Highland Cathedral or The Prince of Denmark's March.  I have recordings of each of these tunes on my Gigmasters website:

There are several sets of marches that I most often play for processional music:

1) Green Hills of Tryol, Kilworth Hills, Castle Dangerous

2) Crags of Tumbledown Mountain, Wings, Gardens of Skye

3) MacRae Meadow:


I usually play a set of 6/8 marches for the recessional, which begins with Glendaruel Highlanders, Bonnie Dundee, and Atholl Highlanders.  Here is a recording of my old friend Jimmy Mitchel playing Bonnie Dundee:


Other good recessional tunes are:

Scotland the Brave:

Highland Wedding:


I know some great hymns as well.  Love Divine is one of my favorites.  Brad Beaton, a wedding piper in Atlanta, has a recording of the beginning of it on his website, which is a wedding tune resource itself:


Beyond that, if you search for "wedding bagpipe music" and listen to what is available on the web, I can play just about anything you hear.  I would just need advance notice of special requests.

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